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    Pin not working, Unable to renew, No contact info, No Help


      So I applied for this last Sunday (14th) and I have was left with an invalid pin (no longer works) and no confirmation of my account. I was not able to attach my ID due to not being a German National (this was comical) and then having my 4 number pin de-activating itself along with any trace of my email. It then took 2 days to get onto this forum and another 7 days to get here.....

      I have been trying to contact for help, I have even forwarded my info as instructed and that was 5 days ago.
      My only concern is now canceling this ridiculous service before I get charged more money for nothing but stress. I do want my money back and I want the use of the service only for GoT.



      From an IT point of view this is ridiculous. The sign up process is backwards, you take payment before giving people user accounts and passwords and then have no support for a very rushed promotion deal. You even take the money before warning future customers that not being German will cause even more stress as identifying ones self via any form of ID is not acceptable. The best bit is you cant cancel the account !

      Please contact me ASAP