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    Problem with account


      Sorry, I don't speak German and I can't actually call customer service because of this.


      Yesterday I subscribed to Sky Ticket, got through the verification ID process using my Italian passport and all went ok.

      This morning I'm trying to access my account from my job and I'm getting an error saying that my account is blocked when tried to do this via webpage.


      I tried to login again on my mobile phone and at the app it says that my credentials are wrong. But how can it be? My pin is right, I'm not typing it wrong.

      I tried to reset it to maybe try to fix it, but I can't even do that. I get a message to call customer service.


      Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

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          Sanny G.

          Hi bferrari, sorry for the late response.

          If you do not have a german identity card or passport, age verification is not possible. You only had a pure system activation, which then broke off accordingly, because without an age verification no proper contract forms.

          I hope that everything has already been sorted out. If not, send me your email address via private message. To do this, go to my profile and click "Nachricht".

          Greetings, Sanny