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    Age verification (not german citizen)



      Have a question..

      First. Why there is no info about age verification at any add Sky is showing online?

      I am 27 yrs old and bought today Sky ticket to see Game of Thrones.

      After I paid Sky demanded age verifiction.... I am EU citizen without German passport. This is the first site I found where this kind of trouble was needed.

      I would like to start with postident online as it possible now. Mods please contact me about procedure.

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          yea m8 got the exact same problem here literally. Signed up for this account today specifically to look for a solution yet the customer service is so bad and they don't even care. I got no email verification. Worst experience ever

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            Hi I have the same problem -- PLEASE HELP!

            I paid, asks me to call customer service if i don´t have a DE passport/ID.

            I call Customer Service automated voice that asks me for a customer number but VOILA -- I DON`T HAVE A KUNDENNUMMER OF COURSE....

            I really hope someone helps soon because this is frankly ridiculous!

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              Same thing.


              I actually got in touch with customer support for age verification. The operator told me my info doesn't even exist in the system and that I should make another account from a different email address.


              So, I made the second account but, naturally, same thing...

              I'm left with two authorised PP payments and no ticket.


              Nice one sky

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                At least i have a customer number now...i actually have 2 now.

                WHAT A JOKE




                Hey MARCO,

                Sky Ticket is just for big girls and boys. Is that you? We have to make sure that minors do not book a ticket without parental consent. Unfortunately we could not verify your age automatically.

                Please take your identity card or passport with you and click on the link. You will need some additional data, it only takes 2-3 minutes.

                Verify age

                It does not work? Simply copy the link from the button and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

                Then it starts with your new ticket ... Have fun!

                Important instructions:

                • The confirmation link is only valid for three days. If the three days are over, just click on the button and you will get a new e-mail.
                • If you do not have a German identity card or passport, please call us on 01806 123 400 400 (€ 0.20 / call from the German landline, max € 0.60 / call from the mobile network). We will then send you the necessary documents for a PostIdent procedure.

                See you.

                Your Sky Ticket Team

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                  Hi skyteam,

                  I am currently in the same position: I don't have German ID and need to do the age verification. I tried calling the number and didn't work. I have a kundernnumer. Could an admin please help me?


                  Thank you,


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                    Sanny G.

                    Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply.

                    Please check out the post via https://community.sky.de/thread/88774

                    Regards, Sanny