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    Sky Ticket Account created, confirmed, but still not working (5 days now!!!)




      I've open a new account on Tue (April 9) and bought the Entertainment Ticket. But I am not able to watch anything:


      I log on on my MacBook and get several TV series to choose from. When selecting an episode (e.g. Game of Thrones) it forwards me to the Ticket Purchase page and offers me the Entertainment Ticket, that I've already bought.

      I still can't book it again. The message is "Please select at least one ticket" (German: "Bitte wähle mind. ein Ticket aus").

      If I try to unselect the entertainment ticket, it says: "Du kannst hier nicht alle deine Tickets abwählen. Nutze hierzu bitte die Kündigen-Funktion auf der Mein Account-Seite."


      The Sky ticket player is installed,

      Same thing happens with Westworld or any other series.


      Looks like my Entertainment ticket sin't accepted.



      On my iPad and on my Playstation the error message says: "Du benötigst ein Entertainment Ticket, um die neuesten und beliebtesten Inhalte auf Sky Ticket anzusehen". (Engl. You need an Entertainment Ticket to watch the latest and most popular content on Sky Ticket)


      I've tried it with sending a new activation link, contacted the customer support, contacted the hotline (which only says that there is no support via phone) and wrote with Sanny (from Sky).

      She gave my contact information to customer support and they wanted to phone me. But nothing happened.

      Please provide support here! I am paying already for 5 days but can't use it a all!!!