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    Leaving Sky


      I have been a Sky customer for over 5 years.  In the beginning, I enjoyed Sky and its services.  My Sky card worked in the CI slot of my Smart TV and I could use all of the functions of that TV.  The so called Children's protection code did not function in my TV and that was good, after all, the youngest person in my house is 60 years old.  If there was a problem, I could call a number and get, almost always, instant service.  It was super!


      Then came the improvements.  The card no longer functioned in the Smart TV, I had to use a Sky receiver/decoder AND a card.  The service number ( formerly a 0800 number) was no longer in service. The same voice that told you it was no longer in service is the same voice that greeted you on the 0180 number that you pay for.  The wait time to talk to a real person went from a few minutes to sometimes over an hour.  The resolution of a problem went from almost instant to "maybe tomorrow" or possibly next week.  The new Sky receiver  was primitive and not flexible.  At least one could turn off the Children's protection system after 20:00 daily.  None of my Smart TV functions worked with Sky except PIP.


      Now Sky has forced on me the allegedly fantastic Sky Q. I did not ask for this, it just appeared one day on my TV. The receiver/decoder is still primitive but in HD.  Almost all actions require a confirmation except the on/off button. There is no option to shut of the Children's protection system even temporarily. Sky Q still does not work with a smart TV.  The receiver is always 'on', even in standby I can hear the same sounds coming from it as when it is on (But the light is off).  Great energy savings there. I am experiencing loss of signal constantly (at least that is what the Sky receiver says).  However, line tests show that I am operating at 131mbs constant. The guide portion is chaos.  I have to search for and select 'My favorites' (and confirm) to get to the guide that I want to see first.  After all, they are 'my favorites'.  The TV guide does not have the program info due to copywrite or contractual reasons (but a friend of mine who still has the older version of Sky has this info.  Hmmmm?)


      Sorry but Sky has become worse and more expensive at the same time.  In reading the discussion in this forum, I ask myself why do people use this company.  I have opted to terminate my contract.  Sky will have to do some massive improvements before I come back.


      Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.